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Pray It Out Journal - Peaceful Meadows

Pray It Out Journal - Peaceful Meadows

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Introducing the new and improved Pray It Out Journal. A more portable journal for church sermons specifically designed for church sermons / podcasts / Bible study / or any way dose of Jesus. This method of prayer was something that I started doing on scraps of paper in church and over time, Mike brought it to my attention that maybe it was time to take this little idea and manufacture it into a BIG one. And goodness me, we did just that. The journal has 38 weeks of pages (each week has its own 4 pages).

This journal, when brought to church, is to be used to turn your Sunday sermons into prayers, in which you then PRAY IT OUT throughout the weeks to follow.

The issue I was finding with church notes was that once I left church, I left the message there with me. With this journal I get to carry that message throughout the whole week, memorize scripture and really take a few minutes each day to reflect on what I am grateful for, who I am, and boldly ask God for things and changes that I am looking for.

I pray that this journal strengthens your prayer life, connects you more than ever to the message being preached at church and simply allows God to flood your life with his grace and love for YOU.

Size: 8.5" x 6"
186 pages
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14 Reviews
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