I‚Äôm Jackie! Born and raised in Southern California married to her best friend ūüėć

When starting Bibles and Coffee four years ago we both had no idea it would turn into such a beautiful blossoming ministry. What started as a profile for lettering, turned into painting Bibles and inspiring others to dive into the word in the most intentional, creative and fun way I could.

Bibles and Coffee blossomed while I was unemployed a few years back and as God graciously gave me a steady job. He also equipped me with the strength, energy, motivation, patience and perseverance to put in 90 hour weeks (full time job + bibles) to climb closer and closer towards my goal of running Bibles and Coffee full time.

Today, I get to do just that because of YOU. My goal will always be to spark as many conversations about our Lord and Savior as possible. I want to forever make The Word as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it is to the heart and soul.

My amazing husband handles ALL YOUR SHIPPING and all the logistics behind BxC!! Without his love and support, literally none of this would be possible. He's pushed me towards every single dream and goal, no matter how big and scary they are. He's worked endless hours after coming home from his full-time job to keep my dream alive. And he's never once complained about ANYTHING. He's the coffee to my morning, the jiggy in my dance and the donut to my dunk. Together, we simply want to forever love on Jesus and share that with you. 

I can't wait to grow alongside of you and I hope you stick around for al thats to come!


Xoxo, Jackie