Theo Playroom Makeover

Theo Playroom Makeover


What a DREAM to share this space with you. When we first moved here, we moved our ENTIRE apartment living room into the loft space and said, “one day we will do something with this space”

 And then one thing led to another, starting with our Nugget purchase. We LOVE our nugget couch. 100000% worth the purchase and we will for sure get another when we have another kiddo!

After that purchase, the seed was planted and I was ready to re-do the whole room.
So, dad was called in for back up! 

The plan was to do this room on a budget, mostly with what we had, but of course, we needed things like a toy bin and such for Theo that we had yet to purchase.

We took our old Billy Bookcases and added extensions to them, then added baseboard and 4” crown moulding trim to them to give it a built in look. 


Putting the books in rainbow order was SUCH a fun decision. It added decor without costing a dime. It brightened up the room SO much and became such a statement piece!! 

Ikea was out of doors for the smaller bookcase so we resorted to some finished panels that we cut to size to fit. A little makeshift, but they work! I hope to be able to put some fun basketweave on them at some point. 

Onto the ball pit… with Theo’s birthday quick approaching, I wanted to rent a ball pit for the day. But I was finding they were rather expensive and, well, we had the space. Sooooooo I jumped on amazon and found this GEM of a pit. It’s large than the standard, which means I fit in it AND will be great for multiple kiddos/ friends. We used 800 balls and filled it up 1/2 way- it’s perfect.


Next up- Storage. We need it and I wanted to prepare for the future of toys, not just what we have now. So I found these awesome storage bins on amazon and got myself 2. The crazy lady in me feared them being discontinued a few years from now 😂 

The Trofast from Ikea that we built into the shelf wall also has some great storage. I plan to use that for arts and crafts or legos some day (currently it’s empty)

We also salvaged the rug from our master bedroom. It had a HUGEEE lump in it, I think it was caused from the center bed support beam. We were getting ready to throw it away and I decided to give it a try in this room and it flattened out! So that was exciting. 

Paint, we had for the bathroom already. Its Conduit Grey from Sherwin Williams. I attempted to use Poppyseed by Sherwin Williams (the dark blue in the time-lapse) but it just didn’t feel right. So I let it dry and sat on it before making any decisions! Im so happy I went with my gut!

To add some non-permanent-easy-to-change-fun to the room, I found these awesome decals on amazon! I used 3 packs on my wall for reference. I figured, I loved the green, but could always change out the Dinos to make it more gender neutral down the row if need be!

Aren’t they cute?! 

Also, a little DIY decor was downloading these images from Etsy and having them printed poster size. I found these cheap frames from Ikea. I figure playroom = demo with boys, so I wanted something without glass and if they broke, I wouldn’t be made. They work PERFECTLY. 

A while back I saw some anthropology curtains that I LOVED they were colored with tassels on the edges….. and like $96/panel 💀💀 I said, no thank youuu, I can do that! And I did!! 

With 2 spools of yarn I did the play room AND Theo’s room. Im obsessed with how they turned out, they were the FINAL touch that was needed to spruce up this room.

I have a reel of making them that I will share when I’m done editing it!


And lastly, I needed to do something fun for mike. Having played basketball growing up and always talking about shooting hoops in the house, I knew we needed to put a hoop somewhere. Although Theo cant use it just yet, its fun for him to watch mike shooting! 

I'm a fan of functional decor, too. So you now I had to do something with the wall it was on. The top is a simple slab of wood that we nailed on. My idea was to hang all of Theo’s artwork on it as the years go on. 

The bottom half is extra beadboard we had from doing Theo’s room. I flipped it over to the smooth side and painted it with a few layers of chalkboard paint! How fun for him to play on it as he gets older! In the meantime, mama does 🤪

And thats it guys!!! Just a few things, that together, made one heck of a difference. 

I encourage you, before you revamp your space, to gather some things around your house that need a new home. You’ll be amazed at how FRESH they look in new light. My next big tip is PAINT!! It’s so cheap and easy. Once you rip the bandaid off the sky is the limit…. And if you hate it, you paint it again!! 

Oh- but let us not forget, the baby jail gate. Sometimes mama needs to pee in peace…. Lets be real 😂😂😂

  1. Linen Curtains
  2. Curtain clips 
  3. Curtain Rods
  4. Billy IKEA bookshelf
  5. Gods fingerprint art
  6. Billy IKEA Bookshelves 
  7. IKEA toy bin
  8. Rug Wayfair
  9. Balls for Ball Pit (800)
  10. Ball Pit
  11. Nugget couch
  12. Dino Wall Decals
  13. Wall art Etsy 
  14. IKEA frames
  15. Baby (not for sale) 🙃
  16. Toy organization 
  17. Toy Cube
  18. Banner 
  19. Basketball hoop
  20. Activity Center
  21. Extra Basketballs
  22. Chalk Paint
  23. Baby Gate 
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