The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

I caught myself doing something a few weeks back and after digesting what happened, I figured I'd share it with you guys too. Its going to sound so silly to begin with, but I promise there is a message buried in it. 

So I've never been a crazy "shoe buying gal" or a "I need a trendy outfit gal." Ive honestly always been your causal jeans, tee, slide on sneakers and a messy bun kind kind of gal. 

But recently, I literally went SHOE/ CLOTHES CRAZY. I have no clue why I became so obsessed with buying shoes and everything I could get my hands on, but I did- maybe I felt in control of something? Who knows, but it made me feel good buying these things. So, in retrospective, there was a feeling of completeness and self happiness within me.

Fast forward to Saturday morning a few weeks back. I sat there in my bathroom trying to pick out a "cute outfit" to get coffee in, because thats what bloggers do, right? (Here's me trying to look and be like something I'm not.... first big no no)

Well, 15 outfits later and with about 2 dozen shoes lying all over my floor, I broke down into MASSIVE tears. I had everything I ever wanted right in front of me and yet I WAS BAWLING because I realized that this crap isn't what makes me happy.

What makes me happy is seeing mike smile, my puppy girls snuggles, friends laughing, worship at church, NOT MY OUTFIT OR MY SHOES. (face palm slap...)

So my point is this- maybe you don't have much and you crave tons of these materialistic things that you think will make you so happy and confident in your own skin or maybe you're the opposite and have it all but still feel like something is missing...

Let me tell you this: Happiness isn't found in shoes, it isn't found in clothes, it isn't found in expensive purses or jewelry, its not found in driving a nice car, or having a "Pinterest" apartment. Those things are all masked happiness, those are the things that are so exciting at first, but eventually the excitement fades away and you're left feeling empty all over again craving the next "thing".

These things are what we are told to let go of and follow Christ. The things we are meant to value and find happiness in cannot be purchased, they cannot be found in stores or online. They are found within YOU and found within ME. TOGETHER we have the potential to light up with world with our smiles, mannerisms, hearts, jokes, kindness and love. Together we can bring out the best of each other, together we can replace the happiness of materialistic things with the happiness of what this life is really about; to love on one another and be more like Christ. The gospel calls us to value EVERYTHING else in this world as virtually WORTHLESS compared to Jesus. 

So dear you that thinks "things" will make you cool or more desirable.... they won't; One major thing I struggle with daily is perfection, but you know what, who the freckle cares. Who cares what you wear, how good your makeup looks or what car you drive, because at the end of the day if your heart isn't aligned in love who's going to want to be your friend? Your HEART defines you. Not anything else; Remember that. 

Tons of love, 


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LOVE THIS REMINDER! We get so wrapped up in the daily “I want” “I need” and less and less wrapped up in what’s important. I needed this reminder, I will probably still need this reminder later. So THANK YOU for shining light on the importance, our hearts…what are we doing to make those shine? God Bless!

Amber W

Eloquently said Jackie. May Gods blessings and wisdom continue to out pour in your life.

Alexandria A Walker

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