I’ve been getting so many questions about these glasses!! 

I bought them after a few terrible migraines and wondered if they could possibly help with them?! 

I’m still testing them out, but what I have learned is that they give everything the slightest hue of yellow, which relaxes my eyes tremendously.

While wearing them I find my eyes so much more less strained, and I can last longer on the computer without my eyes feeling like they are going to fall out of my head. 
If you are constantly on the computer, or working on a screen, I couldn’t recommend these MORE.

When wearing blue light lenses that block 30% of HEV light you can experience:

  • Headache relief
  • Decrease in strained eyes
  • Decrease in blurry vision
  • Better sleep

I mean, who wouldn’t want those perks from wearing a pair of glasses?!

The color that I am wearing in the style: Weston (click here to view), but they have the black ones available that I may invest in soon!

I did just order the Charlie style (click here to view) as well, and cannot wait to get them! 

If you try them out, tag me on instagram so I can SEE!! :) 

Here's the link to get your own!

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