Envy, gross....

So I caught myself doing that AWFUL thing on social media the other day... Where I was looking at someone else's profile drooling in PURE ENVY. Wondering how I could live where they did, how I could make my profile look more glamorous like theirs... 🤢

EW Jackie! Stop it- that's not YOUR PURPOSE.

That's not what you were created to do, to bask in envy and jealousy.

So let me STOP YOU and RE-CLARIFY what you already know: 95% of what you see on social media is staged, fake and manipulated. Why on earth has society molded us to feel the need to meet these standards? It amazes me how envy is so easily hidden amongst what we 'see' as something so aesthetically pleasing?

As much as I would LOVE to say my photos aren't any of those, sometimes they are... (but like, come on, I gotta stage my florals or backdrops because nobody has that just lyin around) but I promise you this, one thing I refuse to manipulate is the way I live my life in person vs on social media. What you see is what you get. Do not let the world of social media dictate you to the point of envy because thats NOT who you are.

James 3:16 says, 'For where jealous and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.' So don't you dare let disorder and vile practice invade your heart, because it WILL CONSUME YOU.

Plus- letting envy invade your heart means it invades the home of Jesus (Jackie's new logic revealed) So before I go back on social media and get all jealous/filled with envy, Im going to think FIRST about who's home that invades. I'm going to PRAISE Him for what I have. Join me?

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Stumbled across you today. Started on Pinterest, led me to Instagram, then to your store and ended here in your blog. Thank you for this reminder. Thank you so much, this resonates with me! I thank the Lord for leading me here to these words!!! Bless you!

Alysia Mills

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