Ho HO Ho! Merry (almost) Christmas

As promised, I've thrown together a gift guide for you!

Now, I'm a picky shopper (I like a good deal) and I'm sorrrrrrrrta hard to shop for (sorry husband), so this list is things that I LOVE and trust.

This is a list of things I have used regularly for a while now that would make GREAT gifts. This Christmas Mike and I decided that we needed to be more intentional with our gift giving, we wanted to make sure that it was things of use and nothing that would clutter the house.

I did not want to make a Christmas guide full of things that I couldn't vouch for, so I made one of all my favorite things.

Everything you see here (except for literally 4 that I have seen in store, but didn't buy because they were too similar to things I already own) are things I have bought throughout the years and get tons of questions about or over black Friday weekend and am in love with them! 

I hope that this practical list of gifts helps you out for loved ones, or maybe even yourself :P 

Happy Shopping!!

** After you click the image to view, click the photo again to be taken directly to their product page **
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I have or have used so many of these items. I absolutely love Neutrogena Hydroboost and Sally quick dry nail polish. I would absolutely not make it through the day without my coffee cup warmer which I also use for candles. I could go on and on. But this is a great practical gift guide.


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