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Prayers For Notepad (3 x 6")

Prayers For Notepad (3 x 6")

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My personal favorite of the notepads... Prayers for your community, think family, friends, leaders, mentors, teachers, neighbors. Your world, World leaders, current affairs, humanity. And, lastly, YOU. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that…. but we should always be putting everyone else ABOVE us, tough cookie to grasp at times, am I right?!

This 3 x 6" notepad is the perfect size to keep in your purse or Bible bag to write down those random thoughts, Bible verses, or to even take notes from your daily Bible reading. 

Second photo is there for size reference (far right design) 🙃

  • Sheets: 25 sheets
  • Size: 3" width x 6" length
  • Non-Adhesive
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