Bamboo Lid + Straw
Bamboo Lid + Straw

Bamboo Lid + Straw

Only 2 left in stock. Snag yours while supplies last! 🙃
  • 1 Bamboo Lid + 1 Pink Glass Straw
  • 4 Bamboo Lids + 4 Pink Glass Straws (+$14)
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These Bamboo Lid and Straws are the perfect add on to our new glass Prayer Cups.
Straws are 8" in length made of glass - the perfect length and designed to use with prayer cups.
Purchase 1 Bamboo Lid + 1 Straw for $6,
or purchase a pack of 4 lids and 4 straws for $20!  
**friendly recommendation… one lid + straw/set as you can only drink from one glass at a time, unless you want a set for multiple people  **