About Us

Our walk together with you
imageThe Lord's Library is a Veteran owned full service Christian Bookstore. Our products range from Bibles, inspirational readings, unique gifts, cards, children toys and many other products. We also are adding a coffee section in the store which will help support coffee farmers from third world countries.  Our adventure into the Lord's Library is something that we did not expect but we are fully embracing with open arms. We are excited about this journey and getting to know the people of the community and are looking forward to meeting you.

Theo is from Missouri and has lived all over the US working for the military. He loves spending time with his family and serving the Lord. He is active in his home church and even has a special cherish high five with the teens. Cherish high five is something that originated from spending time with the teens and talking about how to cherish one another. He loves to talk about the Lord, golf and play the guitar. Theo has completed a Master of Science in Leadership and is working on a Masters in Theology. Theo has been a guest speaker at numerous community and military events. He has also taught and preached at churches across the country.

Kelly is from Oklahoma. She has been a Domestic Engineer for over 14 years and has lived all over the US as well. The term Domestic Engineer originated from a conversation with a friend who asked "what she did." A Domestic Engineer is someone who works in the home and can do anything from fixing scrapes to installing motorcycle batteries. She is active in her home church teaching young children and helping where needed. She loves spending time with family and scrapbooking. Kelly has done volunteer work which consists of helping in the military community and at her children's schools in different locations across the country. Kelly has completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

This is a new adventure and we are looking forward to seeing how this grows and benefits the Lord. We are taking a huge step of faith and will trust God as we go. We hope you will be part of the adventure and journey with us.  We look forward to growing with you in Christ.

Theo and Kelly