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We all have a story to share. 

The farmers that grow the beans for our coffee have incredible, but often untold stories. Our mission is to tell those stories. However, to tell the stories, we have to gather them. We work with organizations that travel to the farm and get to know the farmers, families, workers and their communities. We partner with Ground of Hope supporting the farmers in growing great coffee, and give them a better price built upon the quality of the coffee they produce. This becomes bigger than Fair Trade. In the end, we want to connect you to the story through the coffee you purchase.     


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We have a passion for telling the stories of small coffee farmers. We want to put names and faces to the farmers and families that provide our favorite beverage. We want to introduce them to our customers, share their stories, and start a conversation about how coffee gets from the tree to the cup. We believe that businesses, churches, families and individuals can play a role in making an impact in the coffee world, one farmer at a time.